Project Description


An Examination of Homeless Youths’ Longitudinal Aftercare Experiences

Principal Investigator: Stephanie Begun
: Connaught New Researcher Award
Budget: $35,000
Expected Project Timeline: 2018-2021


This study seeks to build upon extant research by querying young homeless women, under the age of 26, regarding their attitudes and needs pertaining to pregnancy and family planning, as well as their experiences in seeking reproductive and sexual health information and services. Perspectives are also being sought regarding the challenges faced by providers working with this population, and their potential needs for training, best practices, and policy shifts that could increase the effectiveness and cultural humility of their efforts. This study will therefore contribute to the burgeoning knowledge base regarding the reproductive and sexual health attitudes, experiences, and needs of young women experiencing homelessness, while also informing the development and testing of prevention and intervention efforts tailored to meet the specific needs and often complex social contexts of this highly vulnerable population in Canada. 


Project Status: Research team has been hired and trained; REB approval obtained; recruitment and data collection will hopefully begin Fall/Winter 2020 or when safe to reenter youth shelter environments with regard to COVID-19