Homeless youths’ interests in social action via Photovoice. Bender, K., Begun, S., Dunn, K., DeChants, J., & Mackay, E.

RESOURCE Bender, K., Begun, S., Dunn, K., DeChants, J., & Mackay, E. (2018). Homeless youths’ interests in social action via Photovoice. Journal of Community Practice, 26(1), 107-120. doi: 10.1080/10705422.2017.1413027  Purpose  Homeless youth have been viewed as difficult to engage, which may play a role on the lack of photovoice specific research among this population. They may not be as engaged with such approaches as they carry a mistrust towards service providers, and may view service providers as judgmental. Photovoice approaches have a goal to involve youth, provide them with the opportunity to feel empowered and reflect on social issues that they want to see improvements in. Thus, this study examines the motivating factors that may encourage homeless youth to participate in photovoice, the kinds of social [...]