Project Description

The Youth Wellness Lab: Developing a Collaboration between Researchers,
Community-Based Partners, and Youth 

Principal Investigator: Bryn King, Stephanie Begun
Co-Investigators: Tara Black, Shelley Craig, Barbara Fallon, Lin Fang, Lance McCready, Tanya Sharpe
Expected Project Timeline: 2019-2021
Funder: Dean’s Network Award, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work  

Housed at the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, the Youth Wellness Lab (YWL) is intended to be a collaborative “hub” for researchers who are interested in the well-being of young people across a broad spectrum of domains, community-based partners who are interested in collaborating on youth-related research, and youth who are interested in participating in the design and dissemination of research. 

Funding from the Dean’s Network Award will support the development of the YWL’s infrastructure, including engaging research and community-based partners to determine the process for collaboration in research and knowledge mobilization. Importantly, our intention is to recruit and remunerate youth who will inform these efforts at every stage of decision-making.


Project Status Notes

Research team has been hired and trained; Youth Advisory Committee has been hired and is actively participating in developing the foundational components of the YWL; YWL website and social media platforms have been developed and establishing presence is on-going; and Co-Investigators have been on-boarded; working toward securing longer-term funding and doing an official “launch” event for the YWL in the Spring of 2021.