Project Description


Racial Disparities in Child Welfare in Ontario (2016-2020)

Principal Investigator: Bryn King
Expected Project Timeline: 2016-2020

Dr. King’s body of work largely focuses on examining Black-White differences in child welfare involvement and decision-making in Ontario. In 2018, she published a paper in Child Abuse & Neglect on the topic, making it the first provincial assessment of investigation-level racial disparities comparing Black/African Canadian families to White families. 

Leading this work with a group of doctoral and masters level students, Dr. King is also working on multiple papers, including an examination of the policy context for racial disparities, a scoping review of explanations for racial disparities, and a broader conceptual paper. Additionally, strides have been made towards the development of a partnership with the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies (OACAS) called One Vision, One Voice, which works to address the needs of African Canadian children and families involved in child welfare. 

Currently, Dr. King is leading a team to secure funding to develop ethical guidelines for research on Black children and families in the child welfare system and produce a report from the OIS-2018 on investigations of Black families in Ontario. She has also established a partnership with Henry Parada (Ryerson University) and Barbara Fallon (University of Toronto) to complete the first examination of Latin American families investigated by Ontario child welfare. This work, which will culminate in an academic paper, will document significant disparities in involvement compared to White and other visible minorities, for the first time.