Project Description


An Examination of Homeless Youths’ Longitudinal Aftercare Experiences

Principal Investigator: Stephanie Begun
Co-Investigators: Barbara Fallon, Bryn King, Kaitlin Schwan, Naomi Thulien, Naomi Nichols, Sead Kidd, Stephen Gaetz,
Collaborators: Amanda Noble, David French, Carolyn O’Connor
Expected Project Timeline: 2019-2024
Funder: Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council, Insight Grant


Despite the high incidence of youth homelessness in Canada, much of what we know about their challenges is learned through cross-sectional studies of “real-time” life experiences. Relatively little is known about the longer-term outcomes of youth who have experienced homelessness, particularly after they move out of transitional housing. By examining a larger sample and a greater longitudinal timeframe than prior research efforts in Canada, this study seeks to understand the life experiences and outcomes for 18 months after youth (aged 18-26) move out of care provided through transitional housing programs. Additionally, this study aims to explore the ways in which technology-enabled research can support what is typically a difficulty-to-track population. 

Beyond generating knowledge and developing collaborations between academic research, community-based service provision, and policy systems, this project also seeks to advance reproductive justice scholars, innovators, and decision-makers who are committed to improving homeless and formerly homeless youths’ lives and outcomes. To that end, this project has the potential to drive innovations that will inform prevention-focused service delivery, evidence-based intervention development, and more strategic policy formation, while also adding important “pieces of the puzzle” to the generally scarce extant academic literature base. 


Project Status Notes
Research team has been hired and trained; REB approval obtained; recruitment and data collection will hopefully begin sometime in 2021 or when safe to re-enter youth shelter environments in compliance with Toronto Public Health guidelines regarding the on-going pandemic of COVID-19.